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Tanya Grafton
Ashley Cottage

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Text me or call or email me for bookings. We are situated half way up Ruins Lane on the LHS (if facing up the lane)

texts or phone to 07580 503928 or 0845 590899

For Parking
Please can you park your car by the Post Office (only 2 min walking away) and your Car Parking fee will be refunded

GIFT VOUCHERS - This is perfect opportunity to pamper yourself or your family or even give a friend or relative a treat. A perfect break for cold campers and wet holiday makers or even office workers after another hard week!

Fully Qualified and Insured.
Why spend a fortune at a SPA when you can come here for a fraction of the price and have total privacy!
Hydrotherapy Hot Tub 30 min session 17.50
Infra-Red Therapy Sauna 30 min session 17.50
Full Spa therapy both 1 hour session 35.00 (max 4 people)

Therapeutic Massage De-stress from head to toe using combination of essential oil
and a specific massage technique. Leaving you feeling relaxed and balanced
Massage 20 mins 20.00 Massage 30 mins 30.00
Massage 45 mins 40.00 Massage 60 mins 50.00

Facial acupressure, a combination of neck head and facial massage and reflexology
30 min 30.00
Holistic Facial (inc face massage with essentil oils) 40.00
Myofascial massage 45min 35.00 60 min 45.00 90 min 65.00
Gift vouchers from 20.00
Herbal Tea 1.50 Towel (rent) 1.00

Our Prices

Aromatherapy massage - 30 min 30.00 - 45 min 40.00 - 1 hour 50.00
Nerve Magic - gentle massage with a soothing oil for nerves and muscles to calm and sooth the muscles and nerves after work or exercise, to relieve aches and tension and enhance the mood.
Muscle Magic - gentle massage with a warming oil for muscles and joints to ease pain, relieve muscular aches and tension, to promote mobility and maintain healthy circulation

Reflexology-de stress cleanse balance and heal body and mind
30 Mins 25.00, 45 Mins 35.00, 60 Mins 45.00
Reflexology on feet or hand, if your feet are sensitive

Japanese Hand Massage 30m 30.00 Thai Foot Massage 30m 30.00

Cryo Ice Facial powerful anti ageing treatment, safe efficient organic 30 min 45.00